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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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At Spartan Buff Flooring, we have a range of flooring installation services that can give you a fresh new look for your property’s interior – but it’s not always the wisest decision to move on from your existing installation. Hardwood floors, in particular, are intended to have lengthy lifespans, and it’s possible that a floor refinishing procedure could prove highly effective in extending the life of your hardwood floor installation. There are a number of reasons that you might want to consider this process at your property, a few of which we’ll run through just below. If this seems like a service that you might be interested in, speak to our customer service team and they can help to arrange a consultation with our flooring contractors.


What is Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

When it comes to floor maintenance and treatments, many people struggle with remembering which term means what – and understandably so, there’s a lot going on. So, what exactly is hardwood floor refinishing? This is the process where a flooring contractor sands down the exterior surface of the hardwood floor using manual and mechanical sanding techniques. Once this is completed, the floor is then often treated with a fresh layer of stain or protective treatment – which gives it a bit more resistance to the physical pressures that floors deal with on a day to day basis. The exact process can vary depending on the type of hardwood that is being refinished, but this is the most common course of action.


Renewed Aesthetics

One of the most common reasons that people make the decision to refinish their hardwood floor is because they want it look as good as it did when they first had it installed. Hardwood floors are partly so desirable because they offer a classy and elegant appearance, but they’re also pretty durable. Despite this, it is possible that they’ll become blemished and deteriorated if they’ve been installed for a long time. In those cases, a refinishing becomes the obvious thing to do. Scuffs and marks will be a thing of the past once you bring us into the fold.


Cost Effective Service

Many people don’t realize it, but a lot of hardwood floors which look ‘finished’ are actually still in a salvageable condition. It’s incredibly expensive to rip up a hardwood floor and replace it, as the cost of the materials (as well as the labor) are through the roof. You’re much better off examining the possibility of refinishing the floor, especially as the results are likely to look close to new anyway. This is certainly the most cost effective option available to you.


Raising Property Valuations

You might think that a refinishing service is an unnecessary extravagance. After all, the floor might still be functional, even if it’s not looking its best. However, that logic doesn’t hold up when you look at the details. If you allow the floor to remain in a decayed condition, further damage is likely to occur, and this will mean replacing the floor at some point anyway. Additionally, the refinishing process can actually raise the valuation and salability of the property, so you could actually stand to make gains by investing in this service.

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