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About Our Team

man sanding the wood flooring

At Spartan Buff Flooring, we do our utmost to provide a range of floor refinishing and installation services to the people of Spartanburg, South Carolina and beyond – and we think this is something that we’ve done an excellent job at since our inception. The flooring in your property is critically important in both the practical and visual quality of the interior, and it isn’t something that you should be looking to skimp on. Of course, it isn’t just the initial installation and material quality that matters, it’s also important that you take care to maintain and look after the flooring installation throughout its lifetime. Our general and hardwood flooring contractors provide a range of services that will make sure that you have everything that you need to keep a clean, structurally sound, and attractive flooring installation.


These individuals are industry veterans. Seasoned professionals with years of experience working in this sphere, and they know all of the industry tips and tricks that will make certain that our customers get a great outcome time and time again. Only the very best is good enough for our customers, and our staff recognize the standards we set and always adhere to them – and often even exceed them. Naturally, you’ll get more than just a technically proficient service when you invest in our team. You’re also going to get a customer service experience of the highest order, and you’ll receive it whilst paying a very reasonable price. For this kind of unbelievable standard of service, your only option is Spartan Buff Flooring.

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